Week Eleven Summary

Week Eleven, I need to get back on my grind, the school work is starting to pile on. So here I am writing this post on Monday, go me!

I was fresh out of ideas, so I decided to review the ideas of the people I hope to be working with for the final project and figure out a combination that makes me excited to work on the final project.

The first assignment I created was the “Period Piece Mashup” assignment. As I talked about in my post, finding the videos and movie scenes to use for this was a hard and long process, I had some ideas and it took a while to find a perfect fit. I finally found the perfect fit and the rest was pretty easy. After getting the videos into iMovie, I used the splitter tool to cut out the other characters that were in the scene that I didn’t want in my dialog, so the other people that the two characters were actually on the phone with. I was left with little cuts out of each movie, so I rearranged them to fit in between each other so there were no random cuts between scenes of the same movie. I then had to mess with the audio. The only audio I kept from the John Wick scene was the sound of him hanging up the phone, so I cut that piece out and muted the rest of the audio from the other John Wick clips. When the Anchorman scenes were playing visually, it was really easy to jut keep that audio the way it was, but when it cut to John Wick, I had to detach audio from the next or another Anchorman scene and lay it over the John Wick scene. This was really easy using iMovie and I finished this project relatively fast after I found the movies I wanted to use.

The second assignment I completed was the “Spoil A Movie In 30 Seconds” assignment. This was very easy, but I loved the idea of completing this. When I had the idea to do this movie, I knew it would be a very short video and spoiler, so I had to buff it out with a fancy looking intro and title-type scene. I knew I wanted the old-timey movie countdown and I wanted to play the opening movie title from the actual movie. I did this and still felt that I needed a spoiler warning at the beginning because all of the spoiler videos I have seen include this. When I added this, I was ready to move into the actual spoiler and I wanted to find a video of him just casually walking out of a door, but I couldn’t find that anywhere and did not feel like watching the entire movie looking for a 3 second scene that may not even exist, so I took a small clip from the escape scene of the movie. I am pretty happy with the scene I was able to find and piece together and then I simply mashed all of the components together and then moved onto the audio. I recorded myself and added that as the loudest component of the audio. I then kept the audio from each part, but had it at a very low volume. I. Loved the music that played behind the title scene so much that I duplicated it and made it play throughout my entire video at a low volume. I am happy with how this turned out and it was really easy to put together in iMovie.

The last assignment I completed was the “Countdown to Christmas ” assignment. This took me a while because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to execute it. The text and photo editing thing on iMovie is so annoying to me, so I knew I only wanted to use that to add my audio. I made each slide using Keynote by inserting the image and adding text overtop and I made the slideshow by converting my slides into images and screen recorded myself swiping through my photos app. I am sure there is an easier way to get this effect, but I am happy with what I was able to do. I then imported this to iMovie and recorded my audio before adding that to the iMovie. This was pretty easy to create, but I’m sure that it could have been a lot easier if I knew of other programs besides iMovie.

Go look at what I was able to create this week!!! So fun.

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