Final Project Ideas 2

This week to further figure out what I want to do for my final project, I looked at the week 9 ideas of the girls in my radio show group. I loved working with them, so I am hoping they are on the same page as me and want to work together again. Lets get into it.

I loved all of the ideas they had, I looked at Madeline and Rosemary’s posts because I couldn’t find Jordan’s. I chose my two favorites from each of their lists and they both were around the theme of music! Madeline had the idea of making a music video by combining audio from us playing different instruments. I have already heard how talented she in on the uke and there are so many ideas flooding of how we could mix a fun summery song. Rosemary had an idea of making a mixtape of different songs that reflect different times and emotions during different points in our lives. I love this idea. She also mentioned that she doesn’t play instruments, but she does sing, which I am so jealous of because I do neither.

Based off the fact that I don’t have any music talent and haven’t done much relating to creating music yet this year, I would love to take these girl’s passions and make an amazing musical final project. One thing that I have been experimenting with is creating beats on my laptop and mixing music together, so I think it would be really cool to create a song or mix of songs that show emotions of our lives (kinda combining Madeline and Rosemary’s ideas). It sounds really cool in my head but also will need a lot more planning if this is the route we decide to go down. I am getting pretty excited for the end of the year and the outcome of whatever project I get to slap my name on!


  1. Hey! OMG that would be so cool if you added a mix beat! I would so be into doing that again with you and Rosemary! We could even do like design ideas again too!

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