Video Assignment 5

Period Piece Mashup

The amount of time I spent on Youtube trying to find two good scenes from different movies to mash together is insane. I am not happy with the time this took me, but I am happy with the result. I found the John Wick scene first and knew I wanted a funny scene to to cut with it. I really wanted to use the Peppa Pig scene where she is on the phone with the sheep I think and Peppa is talking about how she can’t whistle then her friend whistles and she hangs up. This required dialog back and whistling, and it didn’t match with John Wick just standing there and I couldn’t find any other scened to match this audio. Anyway, I was so happy. When I finally found a scene that fit, I was so happy and it was from a movie that I love so that was a plus. Anyway, hope you enjoy.


  1. MADDY PLZZZZZ AHAHAHA this is so funny!!! I wasn’t expecting it lol, you did such a good job! I think Peppa Pig would have been hilarious too but this video made me laugh a lot so you should be very pleased with your work.

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