Video Essay

I chose to do a trailer instead of one particular movie scene, however, I really loved the trailer and DC movies have improved so muhc over the years I am really excited to see this movie. The thought and editting that goes into these trailers are possibly even more important that those that go into… Continue reading Video Essay

Radio Review

I work most week nights, so I knew tuning into the live radio stream wouldn’t be possible so I just listened to the Un-University show off of Soundcloud. I loved the way this podcast had the conversation feel because they recorded the majority of the show together on a Zoom call instead of simply mashing… Continue reading Radio Review

Project Ideas

I believe this is supposed to be ideas for a video project. I don’t know if we are supposed to come up with ideas for a prompt or ideas for our own personal video. Either way, Idea #1: Act like we are celebrities on a red carpet or interview and be interviewed about our lives… Continue reading Project Ideas

Assignment Reworks

Rework One: Bring Your Pet to School Original: Reworked: I am so much happier with the results of this. I used the same app and process to make this one as I did the second, but the most impactful differences are in the quality of the photos and the lighting editing that I did. I… Continue reading Assignment Reworks