Week Four Summary

Week four was a little rough for me. The family that I work for came down with COVID, and I was exposed before the other caregiver, so I have had to double my hours while experiencing COVID symptoms. It has not been easy and the end does not seem to be near. Because of this, I feel that I was not able to get everything done in the time and effort that I usually or strive to put into my assignments. Either way, I am beyond proud of myself for completing the assignments and everything I learned this week.
The first assignment I chose to complete was Can You See What I See. This assignment was really easy to come up with an idea for and create. The app ProCreate made is so simple and I love the outcome. The process was very easy as I am really familiar with the software and how to work it to my favor. If I had to redo this project, I would find a different picture or change the baby’s eye to be more blue to match the Earth so everything blended together a little nicer.

Next, I completed the Bring Your Pet to School assignment. This one was a little harder to find an image of my pigs together and in a similar lighting as the one in the photo of Mary Wash. The other difficult part was finding a high quality image of Mary Wash on the internet as I was not able to go on campus. I should have edited the image of the guinea pigs to blend in more, but I was unsure how to do that. I am pretty happy with how this turned out but if I were to do this assignment again, I would go on campus and take a better photo with good dimensions so that the guinea pigs realistically look like they are on campus. I feel in this one the sizing and proportions are too far off to look realistic 

The third assignment I completed was Thats Not What I Expected. This was the easiest assignment in theory because it was just the simple task of taking a picture. It did take me a while to find a unique item to photograph and the right angle and lighting to give the illusion of depth to fully show what the item is without zooming out. It was a little frustrating at first, but once I got a few good photos, it was easy to pick the right one to submit.

The final assignment I did was also meant to be very simple in practice, which is what I needed this week. It was very easy to complete through the program that I use on my iPad, however I played with the different colors and edits for a long time before I found the combination I liked the most. I am so happy with how this turned out and it is my favorite assignment this week, however if I needed to redo it, I would try and take the same photo but completely change the vibe.

The thoughts assignment of this week was really easy for me to complete because I don’t have a lot to say when it comes to my own photography. I am very boring when it comes to photography and only have one subject that I enjoy taking pictures of. My camera roll is full of Justin and slides for my Calculus PASS Sessions. It is very boring, but I will never stop taking endless pictures of Justin.

Reading all of the ways and tips to be a better photographer made me realize that I may have some better ideas about photography than I thought I did. Being honest, I did that part of the weekly assignment last, so I did not have those tips when creating the assignments from the bank or daily creates, but looking back it gave me a lot of confidence to know that I had used those tips without knowing and I can now be more intentional with my photography.

The daily creates this week were very rushed for me because I had to quickly do them before class or work because that is all I have done. I am still fairly proud of the way they turned out.

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  1. Hi Maddy!
    I am so sorry to hear that the family you work with and you were exposed to COVID! I really hope everyone including you is ok and gets better soon- I can’t imagine having to do all of this school work while dealing with all that so I am so sorry! I hope you can rest this weekend!
    Also a side note- I really like the way you have your blog set up with your gallery and twitter, what theme did you use if you don’t mind me asking? It looks really nice and is a really cool layout!

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