Final Project Week One Summary

Untitled Video/Music/Design/Photo Project

Didn’t mean to flex with my title, but Rosemary, Maddie and I are a quadruple threat! I don’t want to give too much away about the final idea of our project so I will just speak on the progress I have made so far. Please go check out Rosemary and Maddie’s blog posts too, they have done some amazing work!!!

The first element of our project that I focused on this week had to do with advertising. We wanted to pull in the work we have done with design this semester and create some advertisements for our final project. I decided to make an instagram story moment.

The idea to make a face into a newspaper clipping came from an image I saw when looking for covid newspaper headlines. This was the original image I used for inspiration:

I had to edit the image of the newspaper to make it in the correct dimensions to fit an instagram story. The original photo was in a landscape orientation.
I knew I wanted to do a book flip effect to follow the newspaper theme and to tie in the theme and plan for our final project. This was very easy to do using ProCreate. I chose the purple concert picture because when I think of quarantine being over, I think of going to concerts and large crowds of happy people (I just bought Justin Bieber tickets for July, so hopefully I will get to experience this soon). Anyway I am very happy with the result and I will now talk about the audio that you may have heard in the instagram story.

For our project we are doing a video, but we made our own cover and mashup of two songs to use in the video. The two songs we chose were Imagine by John Lennon and Yellow by Coldplay. Rosemary will be covering the vocals while Maddie kills it in on the uke and piano. I went to garage band and started playing with the percussions. This was what my final garage band sets looked like.

I have gotten familiar with using the beat sequencer, but I could not match the tempo perfectly with this, so I used the drum set feature and smart guitar features. This was new and hard to get used to, but I am happy with the outcome. Here are the two additions to Maddie’s pieces that I was able to create.

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