How I’m Becoming a Better Photographer

Pay Attention to the Moment

This photo was taken while my boyfriend and his little brother were sledding down a hill. I knew I needed to document this in a photo because his little brother is very unsure about the snow, so the fact that he was really enjoying it this year could be a once in a life time thing. This is a really wonderful moment that me and their family will keep and cherish forever.

Create Depth

This image was taken as a close-up for an assignment. I needed to show the depth of the object to give others a good idea of what it was in order to make a good guess. I photographed the depth by using the lighting and blurred background to show that the object was continuing away from the viewer. This was very easy to mimic because the object and my camera were very easy to move and hold at different angles.

Look to the Light

I took this photo in a parking lot and am really happy how the lighting increases the photo quality and interest. The background is very boring in this photo and Justin is not posing in any interesting ways, so the only thing that makes this photo of interest is the unique lighting. I think it turned out amazing and I absolutely love this picture.


  1. Dede,

    I love how the photo of your brother turned out. I’m not sure if my eyes are tricking me but I swear I can see his pupils adjusting differently to the light. I don’t think I could ever get any of my siblings to hold still long enough for me to take such an amazing photo. (I can tell he’s going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up…).

    I can’t wait to see some of the other photos you take,
    AJ Storm

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