Week Four Thoughts

Although most of my friends growing up were very into photography, with fancy cameras and Tumblr/VSCO pages, I was never very interested in it. I think it is because I have never been confident in myself or the things that I create. I felt that I couldn’t photograph anything main-stream or popular or I would be judged for not being as good as everyone else and I never had the creativity to come up with my own concept and was even less confident in the few ideas that I would have. Since then, I am still not very comfortable or confident to have photos taken of myself, but I love taking pictures of the people around me. As you can probably tell, almost all of the photos I take are of the boy that I care for. The only approach I have to taking photos of him is making sure that he is in focus and looking at me. It is very hard to make him keep still and we never force him to, so taking good photos can be very difficult. The best photos of him are when he is smiling or laughing naturally, and I am very happy to have a lot of photos like this. After looking over the resources, I think I will take better account of the surroundings and focus of the photo, with my subject in the main point.

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