Week Twelve Summary

Week Twelve and I am officially back on my school, work, and gym grind and it feels so good! The first assignment I created was the “Photo Mash” assignment. I used an actor generator website, so choosing the characters to mash was a very simple process. I used procreate to erase the background of the… Continue reading Week Twelve Summary

Week Ten Summary

Finally in the double digits! I have a planner that goes by week and I don’t go by the dates anymore, I know what week it is by writing the weeks of the semesters along the top as this class and another one of my classes this semester work on weekly deadlines. It is really… Continue reading Week Ten Summary

Video Essay

I chose to do a trailer instead of one particular movie scene, however, I really loved the trailer and DC movies have improved so muhc over the years I am really excited to see this movie. The thought and editting that goes into these trailers are possibly even more important that those that go into… Continue reading Video Essay